Indus B2C Global Private Limited  (www.IndusB2C.com). It was set up in 1995, But since 2014, The company is now into export and wholesale of 100% Indian Human Hairs procured from temples across India which are donated by women devotees. Our brand name is LEMODISH Premium Hair Extensions (www.lemodish.com).
Hair has more than 300 varieties and are popular in US, UK, Africa, Europe, Israel, South East Asia and Russia. We started this business more than 5 years back and are an asset-light company. We will also intend to export allied beauty products in next financial year.
We also retail our products on our e-commerce site  www.Vithi.com 

Company has also participated as a vendor in following international exhibitions/shows  :-

1) IBS Newyork, US – March’ 2016
Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event, Orlando, FL, USA – June’ 2017
2) Bronner Bros.International Beauty Show, Atlanta, GA, USA – August’ 2017
3) Indian Expo, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa – March’ 2018 , Sept’ 2018 and Jan’2019
4)  Bronner Bros.International Beauty Show, Atlanta, GA, USA – Oct’ 2019

The company is led by Mr. Prashant Kansal having more than 25 years of experience of Business.

Delhi, India
WhatsApp / Call : +91 999 924 1565 / +91 981 114 1565

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